Assessment Services

Bash9 offers several assessment services aimed to help customers wherever they are in the cloud journey. We have migration assessments for customers who are just starting their migration to cloud.  We have cloud cost and security assessments for those looking to save money on cloud spend and identify security risks. We even have assessments for customers looking to modernize legacy applications  

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Cloud Cost & Security Assessment

Cloud cost and security are probably the two most conversations we have with customers. The cloud is growing and becoming very complex. We have designed a cloud assessment with two key things in mind. Do our customers have misconfigured resources that could pose a potential security risk and if there are resources running that could be optimized to save money on the monthly cloud bill.  Bash9 will even analyze a single AWS account for you at no-charge so we can show you the value of this assessment! 


Cost & Security Reporting

provides hundreds of critical pre-built cloud security compliance best practice checks and alerts stemming from standards, regulations, vendor recommendations, and our in-house experts.


Resource Utilization Summary

and detailed usage statistics for resources across AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud,


Cloud Perimeter Assessment

dynamically scans the entire environment to identify all publicly accessible resources, open ports, and protocols.


Compliancy Framework Review

provides Total Compliance, with scoring for 35 regulatory standards including PCI DSS, HIPAA, CIS, FISMA, NIST, SOC2, and other major compliance frameworks

Cloud Migration & Licensing Assessment

We have a complete Cloud migration feasibility assessment platform that helps you to evaluate your infrastructure and accelerate your Cloud Journey. We generates multiple reports after analyzing your environment to help you understand the factors involved in migrating your infrastructure and software licensing to the Cloud. These reports help you to decide on your ideal Cloud migration plan. Strategic decision makers can get all possible Cloud migration scenarios, SaaS compatibility, Operations, and Business analysis reports for any number of applications in your portfolio; and perform various cost modeling quickly and easily.


Project Your Cloud Cost

Scan and identify the servers running on your datacenter by utilizing in-built network discovery feature. It searches and finds the IPs of all the servers within a few minutes along with the server configuration details used for Cloud compatibility analysis.


Connected Dependency Graph & Move Group Analysis

Scan your complete network to identify all the available servers and workloads. We show a clear mapping of dependencies between servers and workloads based on its Move Group Analysis to help you identify applications.


Make Strategic Decisions using R-Lane

By leveraging our detailed analysis combined with R-Lane framework, identify the complexity and criticality of your application and create an accurate migration plan. We not only a dependency map of your datacenter resources but also a detailed and comprehensive strategy map.


Compendium to Strategize and Your Cloud Migration

Multiple analysis reports to help you understand the factors involved in migrating to Cloud. These reports can be customized based on your needs. We provide detailed information such as Cloud Feasibility Heat-map for your workloads and other components, topology suggestions, forecast analysis with cost breakdown including possible SaaS models

Application Modernization Assessment

Beyond Lift and Shift, explore and achieve the 3R's for better strategies to deploy and scale your application, redeploy workloads to the latest in Cloud tech and re-topologize your workloads. Our Smart-Shift assessment explores a variety of possibilities of the "3R's" and when combine your strategies it makes for and easy migration. 


Analyze Application For PaaS Integration

Analyze your application and its associated components such as workloads, databases to build the complete dependency map of your application. Using the dependency map and our Move Group Analysis, prioritize and plan for an effective integration of PaaS services during Cloud migration. 


Identify Suitable PaaS Services

Identify compatible PaaS services available on Cloud as App PaaS Services and DBaaS for your workloads and databases using MaaS Smart Advisories and plan for an effective PaaS integration. Compare the cost of different PaaS services available on multiple Clouds using our Cloud feasibility reports and find the suitable one for your business.


Automated Migration to PaaS Services

Re-architect your application by replacing workloads and databases with suitable PaaS Services. Create a single migration plan for different PaaS services, like DBaaS and App PaaS Services, that will be integrated with your application during Cloud migration. Once configured, migrate to these PaaS services with zero-downtime.


Jump Start Database PaaS Services

Discover and check the different components of your application and upgrade them to the latest available version and also securely migrate its data without service disruption 

We would love to hear about your projects and show you how Bash9 can assist!